Like There’s No Tomorrow @ OTB

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Like There’s No Tomorrow: Young Lithuanian Photography is having its international launch at One Thousand Books art book festival in Copenhagen 10-13 April, 2014.

Like There’s No Tomorrow (edited by Paul Paper and Juste Jonutyte) is a new book on young Lithuanian photography. Works by 12 emerging artists are brought together to form a shared visual dialogue, acquainting the viewer with a new tradition in photography and its contemporary post-Internet expression. The photographs shown in this publication reveal a shifting aesthetic in young generation photographers and a fresh photographic treatment of found objects, themes explored further in the writings of four international art critics, included in the publication. Like There’s No Tomorrow presents photography that has so far rarely been shown in Lithuania and aims to facilitate an artistic and critical dialogue around the new ideas this photography carries.

One Thousand Books 2014

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Art book festival One Thousand Books invites 28 independent publishers from Northern Europe to meet up in a supermarket in Copenhagen to sell books, greet their audience face to face and to share ideas and strategies with one another. The isles of the supermarket act as a visual and conceptual backdrop as the art books are sold alongside everyday groceries, to bibliophiles and the unexpecting shopper alike.

Thu-Sun April 10 – 13, 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark

Mossless 3: The United States (2003-2013)

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Alex Matzke

Alex Matzke

Susana Raab

Susana Raab

Sebastian Collett

Sebastian Collett

Lisa Gidley

Lisa Gidley

The third issue of Mossless is dedicated to America of the last ten years.
“The United States (2003-2013)” book’s Kickstarter.

A Beach

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A Beach_cover_2013

5_The one side_BOOK

10_The other side_BOOK

6_The one side_BOOK

11_The one side_LEPORELLO

10_The one side_BOOK

“A Beach” – an exploration of the erosion of history – is a new publication by B-B-B-Books, a collaboration between photographers Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt , writer Johannes Wahlström and designers 1:2:3.

Guided by the confession of a dark secret held by writer Johannes Wahlström stemming from his child-hood on the sleepy Mediterranean sea-coast, photographers Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt embark on an archaeological and criminological expedition, in search for the hidden remnants of history on the shore of A Beach.

The Frame is Yours

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The Frame is Yours” offers an opportunity to acquire an original slide together with all its authorial rights. Placed into one of the 15 boxes, together with the project’s catalogue, the slide frame will belong to its holder, who will be able to do what she or he wants with it – sell, make copies, cut, or, even, burn it. In the context of proliferating digital imagery, the project raises questions about the authorship and materiality of photographic pictures.

“The Frame is Yours” is an experimental publication project by photographer Paul Paper, object artist Tim Kliukoit and graphic designer Laura Grigaliūnaitė.

Gauthier Chambry

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Gauthier Chambry, Rennes, France.

Rémy Dautin

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Rémy Dautin, studying in Lyon, France.

Mark Cohen

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Mark-Cohen bw 4

From “Dark Knees“, a photo-series by Mark Cohen (b. 1943 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA). Publication available through Le Bal.

Kevin Tadge

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“Torii Torii Torii”, a book by Kevin Tadge (b. 1987), presents photographs from author’s two trips to Japan, made in response to his pre-conceived expectations about “Japaneseness”.

Eight Euro Sculptures

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“Eight Euro Sculptures” is a series of installations by I Like Birds (based in Hamburg), which addresses the subject of sculptures and their value. Each installation consists of objects whose value is precisely 8 euros.

The project is available as book at Gudberg Press.