From Archive to Desire

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Sample photographs gathered during From Archive to Desire workshop, which took place in Klaipeda and Nida, Lithuania, 18-24 March.

With three groups (photography, graphic design and audio) we have worked 5 days sampling the city of Klaipeda. Moods, half-told stories and subjects usually left behind the frame (metaphorically and virtually) were the targets of my group’s photographic archive-building. More than 600 photographs, forming 12 topics, were selected out of more than 3 500.

Participants: Milda Bacytė, Vaida Bagočiūtė, Julija Bočkutė, Ignė Butvidaitė, Rita Čiornaitė, Karolina Kniukštaitė, Martynas Lapas, Vestina Petrauskaitė, Kristina Podorozhnaya, Marius Skrupskis, Indrė Staniutė, Ugnė Tubutytė, and others.

Organized by Luca Diffuse and Klaipeda Faculty of the Vilnius Art Academy. With the participation of Nicola Di Croce, Emilio Macchia, Paul Paper, Luca Molinari, Gonzalo Herrero Delicado, Fredy Massad and Valentina Ciuffi (”Abitare”).

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